Thank You!

We celebrated our 10-year anniversary with an inaugural UK tour in Sept/Oct. The tour covered fifteen dates including Reading, Bristol, London (four), Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Portsmouth, Brighton (two), Newcastle, Manchester and Nottingham. Check out the tour video here!

It was a huge undertaking and we needed your help. Income from ticket sales would cover venue hire and most of our travel. However it wouldn’t cover flyers, posters, adverts, equipment hire and accommodation.

We are good at saving on costs so we stuffed ourselves into as few vehicles as possible, slept on friends’ floors, brought home-made food and borrowed equipment. Essentially for two months we shared everything – cars, beds, food and girlfriends. Maybe not girlfriends.

Money is tight for everyone so we knew it was cheeky of us to expect you to rummage around in your pocket, wallet, purse or safety deposit box. Therefore we put together some great perks for your enjoyment.

THANK YOU to everyone who helped us achieve our £2000 goal. WE DID IT!!!


£2 Spread the Love: An air kiss into the ether from all the girls and endless gratitude

£5 Spread the Love and some! All of the above and a special thank you mention on our roll of honour on our website

£10 Post the Love: All of the above, plus a postcard sent to you from one of our tour locations

£25 Call the Love: An air kiss, a mention on our website, plus a personal phone call from one of our girls to wish you a special thank you – you choose the girl!

£30 Attend the Love: An air kiss, a mention on our website plus a ticket to one of our gigs, anywhere you like

£50 Face the Love: An air kiss, a mention on our website, plus a FaceTime/Skype call with all the girls before one of our gigs

£100 Perform the Love: An air kiss, a mention on our website, a postcard, plus 2 tickets to one of our gigs anywhere you like and a special game played in your honour on that night. We will even propose to your partner for you if you like! (Limited to 2 per gig)

£250 Sponsor the Love: SPONSORTASTIC! We will put your logo, name or handsome mug on our flyers, you sexy thing you!

THANK YOU TO THESE LOVELY PEOPLE: Rab, Kel, Pip, Ros, Jessica, Liesl, Leanne, Angela, Catriona, Clare, Aneesa, Anna, Suzi, Sarah, Katy, Jean twice, Katie, Katie, Melissa Afman, Eve, Viv, Simonne, Mary, Naomi, Holly, Maureen, Ralf, Heather, Hayley, Tina twice, Sarah twice, Emma, Julz twice, Heidi, Elaine, Fiona, Charles, Amy, Tamara, Kim, Sarah, Dawn, Sally, Kris, Dan, Lynne, Anonymous, Glen, Louise, Kate, Deb, Lou, Emma, Leon, Richard, Jenni, Jenny, Georgia, BB,  Michelle, S, Jane, L, Pauline, H, Jess, Helen, Sam

THANK YOU TO THE GORGEOUS PEOPLE who purchased a t-shirt, badge or bell

THANK YOU TO THESE FABULOUS ORGANISATIONS: Planet London, Planet Brighton, She Bar, FindHrr, MY Comedy, Lesbilicious, Women in Comedy Festival, Diva, Laughing Cows, KuSan Hats


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