Mondays / 8pm–10pm / £80

FORTHCOMING DATES: 31st Aug to 19th Oct 2015 / 2nd Nov to 21st Dec 2015


Improv workshops for women. All abilities, ages, backgrounds and orientations welcome. We teach you the key rules of improv as well as tailoring workshops to fit in with the experience and wants of attendees.

We have helped stand-ups to become more spontaneous, writers looking for a creative space, actors wishing to broaden their skill sets, musicians gain confidence on stage. We have also helped people like you to experience a fun, challenging and safe workshop.

  • Laugh and learn
  • Meet new people
  • Build self-esteem
  • Escapism
  • Nurturing atmosphere


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“The course was a total joy! I really overcame some big hang-ups I had about being spontaneous” – Alison

“Wonderful, challenging (at times) and funny 8 weeks” – Emma

“It was such fun to let our creative minds run amok. we were lucky to have you guiding us along.” – Jenni

“I’ve loved every minute. Very challenging at times – but great fun and I really feel as if I have made some lovely new friends” – Katie

“So pleased I did this and what a wonderful talented and diverse bunch of ladies. Thank you all for an amazing time and being such inspirational and fabulous teachers” – Kathryn


Sundays / 11am-4pm workshop / 5-6pm show / £30

FORTHCOMING DATES: 30th Aug / 1st Nov

Come spend the day with us in a creative, humorous bubble! There will be a show at the end but you are under no obligation to take part 🙂

“I am SO pleased to have done it and SO appreciative of the supportive atmosphere you create… I’d set out this morning telling myself that getting through 5 hours of workshop would be enough; there was no way I was staying to perform afterwards. I’m so glad I did.” Karen, Brighton

Check out these blogs written about our workshops! You can practice mindfulness in the funniest of places… and three life lessons from the world of improvisation comedy


How about occasional fun with The Short & Girlie Show?

These workshops are for all genders. They are based in Brighton and beyond. All abilities, ages, backgrounds and orientations welcome. We teach you the key rules of improv as well as tailoring each workshop to fit in with the experience and expectations of the attendees. We also run musical improv workshops.


“Great night and really hope to do it again soon”

“I was really nervous about this and wanted to challenge myself with something out of my comfort zone. I came away buzzing and wanting to do some more!!”

“So much fun… and sober!”

“I haven’t laughed so much in ages!”

“All the laughter… healing all the way”

“Great evening, fun and challenging”


A weekend in Brighton comprising improv, monologues and music. All women welcome. Culminates in a 50-minute show for an invited, warm and friendly audience.



Brighton is a hotbed of improvisation troupes offering evening and weekend workshops. We are the only troupe to offer regular female-only workshops, and attendees enjoy the environment and energy this creates. If you prefer mixed gender classes we can recommend local improvisation organisations.

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