We need your help!

To celebrate our 10-year anniversary we have an inaugural UK tour in Sept/Oct. The tour covers fourteen dates! Reading, Bristol, London (three dates), Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Portsmouth, Brighton (two dates), Newcastle, Manchester and Nottingham.

It is a huge undertaking and we need your help. Income from ticket sales will cover venue hire and most of our travel. However it won’t cover flyers, posters, adverts, equipment hire and accommodation.

We are good at saving on costs so will stuff ourselves into as few vehicles as possible, sleep on friends’ floors, bring home-made food and borrow equipment. Essentially for two months we will share everything – cars, beds, food and girlfriends. Maybe not girlfriends.

Money is tight for everyone so we know it is cheeky of us to expect you to rummage around in your pocket, wallet, purse or safety deposit box. Therefore we have put together some great perks for your enjoyment.

Please visit our Fundrazr page and browse our perks.

The Short and Girlie Show Spreading the Love Tour

***UPDATE: We did it!! Thank you so much to everyone who helped*** We are keeping the page open until the end of the tour if anyone else wants to support us. Thank you so much.

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