The Girlies

ALI HENDRY BALLARD – compere & producer

Ali formed Short & Girlie Productions in 1999 with the aim of producing high quality theatre events accessible to all, written and performed by women. Over the years she has taught and worked with many talented women. In 2004 Ali developed an interest in improvisation and formed a large team who regularly performed at various locations in London. After moving to Brighton, she continued to surround herself with talented improvisers hailing from London, Brighton, Bristol and Bromley. She is currently working on her 3-year old SAGS BAB* becoming the UK’s youngest improviser! Ali also produces


CHRISTINE HEPWORTH-JAMES – performer, compere, wife

Christine joined the Short & Girlies in 2002 performing in venues across London. Trained at Birmingham School of Speech and Drama, Christine found the lure of live comedy improvisation too seductive and joined Ali and Co in the newly formed Short & Girlie Show in 2004. This solved her problem of forgetting her lines! Christine, along with her fellow SAG’sters, has performed and compered in venues and festivals, as well as the odd hen party or corporate do! For the past 12 years she has travelled the SAG’s yellow brick road sharing much love and continued laughter with her fellow improvisers…..and yet had time to pick up a wife up on the way. SAG with a WAG. 




Kate has been SAGgy for ten years now, though gravity seems to be playing an increasingly big role in her life. Bigger than any role Kate has ever played herself. Gravity aside, Kate’s silliness was found to be incurable, so we try to give her a safe environment where she can be herself (as well as other people) and get it out of her system. Kate trained at Birmingham School of Speech and Drama, and is an actor, writer, singer and mother. 



ALI HANNON – performer

Other Ali originally hails from near London where she learnt a whole language in 3 years, tripled in height in only 13 years and watched a whole series of Buffy in one weekend! Sadly the local gazette did not see fit to pick up her story and fame was not to be found. So Ali packed up her brogues and Annie Lennox record collection and sought a better life on the south coast. Thankfully the Short & Girlies had been looking for someone with good taste in shoes and with an exciting growth backstory and so hoiked her aboard the SAGSMOBILE and she’s been performing with them ever since.


LARA A KING – comedian, singer-songwriter

The Short and Girlie Show found lara A king bobbing about in the sea just off the coast of Brighton and hauled her on board before she even had a chance to blow dry her hair. An award winning comedienne in her own right lara thoroughly enjoys playing with the SAGS because she doesn’t have to rehearse or write any jokes. No change there then. She particularly enjoys the games which involve singing, physical theatre and taxidermy. She also likes to refer to herself in the third person whenever possible –


SAMANTHA LEVERETTE – actor, performer

Samantha has worked in the entertainment industry for over 25 years & trained at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Method Studio. Starting out as a principal dancer in west end shows, Samantha has also been a backing singer in a band, recorded a series of six audio books, has been a stand-up comic, acts on TV, in film & theatre, is a presenter, has a successful modelling career & has been 1/8th of The Short & Girlie Show for over 2 years. She’s had her fingers in all sorts of pies, eh?! Comedy impro come very naturally to Samantha as she’s been using the power of laughter to get herself out of trouble & making it all up as she goes along for many, many, many, many years….


MITCH MCMORROW – performer, director, vegetarian

Michelle or (Mitch) as she is known joined the Short and Girlie Show in 2002 as an original dramaqueen/offthecuffer. Life offered a fair crack at the comedy whip in her home town of Bristol and she has over 20 years of formal theatre/cabaret/performance experience. She runs OTC Bristol and is part of ShoutOut the LGBT radio show, however it was SAGs that gave her the biggest platform for play and she is thrilled to add her gifts and skills to the show for the last 12yrs. She shares 2 BABs and 3 beautiful BAB of BABs with her partner of 10 years. She is a Pisces like most of the SAGs… funny, sensitive, dreamers and dancers.


HANNAH BRACKENBURY – musical director

The quiet one usually seen crying with laughter behind the keyboard/guitar is Hannah, our musical director. Hannah has provided musical accompaniment to our crazy scenes and made-up songs since 2010. A musical comedy performer in her own right, Hannah can often be found performing weird and wonderful songs about car boot sales, garlic and pound shops, and twice reached the semi-finals of the Musical Comedy Awards in London with her solo act. She is also a photographer, graphic designer, film editor and all-round busy bee –